How Can I Help?

Many of our volunteers have experienced the death of a loved one, and so they choose to selflessly give back to grieving families in Iowa. They offered their time doing everything from cleaning windows and data entry to facilitating groups and renovating the new Amanda’s House. In 2015, volunteers donated 4,314 hours to Amanda the Panda. The national value of volunteer time is valued at $23.56 per hour, which means that Amanda the Panda Volunteers’ time was equal to a donation of $101,637! [Bureau of Labor Statistics]

The important work we do every day is fueled by the enthusiasm and love of hundreds of volunteers. If you’d like to be part of our volunteer team, you can help us in a number of ways, including:

  • Support Group facilitation, childcare, or meal preparation and serving
  • Grief Camp counselors, activity coordinators, and helpers for a variety of tasks
  • Organizing special events – such as the golf tournament – as a committee member
  • Friends and Family Night or Fun Day volunteers
  • Holiday volunteering
  • Yard work or landscaping

Interested in becoming a Volunteer?

Amanda the Panda relies on volunteers each year who give of their time and their hearts to support grieving people in Iowa. Last year, Volunteers gave over 4,000 hours! With only 4 paid staff members, our volunteers are vital to our mission of bringing hope and healing to grieving families.

Download our volunteer profile to get started today!

I just want to express my feeling of your message delivery today at Wellmark’s volunteer recognition. I am really impressed with your well organized impressive words.

I did volunteer on 5K last year and planning this year too. Furthermore, my 7 year old daughter’s first volunteer activity and she also participated on kids rub. Whenever I say we are going to volunteer, she asks me if we are going to help “Amanda the Panda”. For her “Volunteerism” and “Amanda the Panda” comes together. She wears Amanda The Panda T-Shirt all the time at home.

Thanks for all you are doing to give back the community.

Author's imageBikal Adhikari Benefit Implementation Team, Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield