How Can I Help?

The important work we do every day is fueled by the enthusiasm and love of hundreds of volunteers. Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds; some have experienced a loss and some have not, but they all choose to selflessly give back to grieving families in Iowa. Volunteers donate their time to Amanda the Panda through a variety of opportunities including but limited to facilitating support groups, providing childcare or cooking meals for support group, and spending the weekend at our grief camp.

We will all have broken hearts from grief in our lifetime, whether at age 10 or age 100. Imagine if you could help by providing a listening ear to a grieving mother; if you could help grill hamburgers or pour drinks to children and adults at camp; help organize and plan fun activities or watch after small children for a couple hours? Imagine by giving just a little of your time, the healing that can start to take place working through the grief process resources, tools, smiles and listening can provide!? Activity Coordinator, Camp Cook, Support Group Counselor, Support Group Childcare—just to name a few volunteer opportunities you don’t need experience (training is provided). If you have compassion and the desire to help those who are grieving, you have one step in the door. Contact ATP and get involved to jump in with two wet feet! 

Author's imageAngela Kruse AVP Community Outreach, Wells Fargo

In 2016, volunteers donated 4,314 hours to Amanda the Panda. The national value of volunteer time is valued at $24.14 per hour, which means that Amanda the Panda volunteers’ time was equal to a donation of $104,139! [Bureau of Labor Statistics]

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