Support Groups


Support groups are held seasonally, four times per year, for six consecutive Monday evenings. Children (Kindergarten and above), teens, and adults are welcome to attend Amanda the Panda’s support groups. Each support group starts with supper, and everyone then divides into smaller peer groups based on age, where they do a variety of age-appropriate activities to facilitate discussion sharing. Childcare is available for children preschool-aged and below upon request.

Trained volunteer Support Group Facilitators lead each group with the goal of promoting peer support and connectivity. Together, we work to recognize how grief affects our minds and our bodies, identify and accept grief emotions like anger and guilt, learn healthy coping skills, and create rituals to honor our loved ones who have died. Activities that help us reach these goals include journaling, art activities, stories, and using our Volcano Room to ERUPT, amongst others. Each Support Group will differ from one to the next, utilizing varied activities, with the goal of providing participants with a range of opportunities to process their grief.

Upcoming Support Group Dates:

  • Winter Wellness Support Group: January 22-February 26, 2018


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