Tips for Healthy Grieving

  • Feelings of extreme sadness and anger are normal- find healthy outlets-music, sports, writing, art.
  • Be patient with yourself-the second year of grief may be as hard as the first, and this can be a surprise.
  • You have the right to limit yourself physically and emotionally- fatigue is part of the hard work of grief.
  • Avoid people who bring you down-find those who lift you up and tell them your story.
  • Well-meaning people say stupid things, it’s unavoidable. Your grief is unique and can’t be judged.
  • Plan ahead for special anniversaries and holidays- express your needs clearly.
  • Allow yourself to search for meaning-Why did they have to die? How can I cope without him/her?
  • Keep objects that remind you of your loved one; create your own rituals that keep their memory alive.
  • Don’t expect your family members to grieve similarly, forgive each other when overreactions occur.
  • When you are feeling stuck in your grief consider doing a random act of kindness for someone else.

An important way to honor your loved one is to be the best you possible!