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YOU can make the difference…

Erasing guilt, restoring hope and renewing confidence happens every day at Amanda the Panda. All of our grief services are offered at no cost to children, adults and families—we rely solely on the kindness and generosity of donors and without your support, we cannot continue this important work. Remember—YOU have the ability to make an impact…YOU can brighten lives.

Everything Helps! Here are some levels for your consideration:

  • $250.00       Engraved Memorial Brick
  • $175.00        Support Group Scholarship
  • $250.00       Camp Scholarship
  • $200.00       Cheer Box Sponsor
  • $500.00       Sponsor A Year of Grief Care
  • $1,000.00    Family Night Sponsor
  • $3,000.00   Fun Day Sponsor

Fundraisers and Special Events

Each year Amanda the Panda (ATP) hosts fundraisers and participates in special events to raise funds and community awareness for our peer grief support programming. ATP has received proceeds from philanthropic individuals and organizations, through golf tournaments, bike rides, walks, galas, civic projects, etc. These events have been instrumental in making a financial impact on the organization. Please consider Amanda the Panda as a charity of choice for one of your events.

Check our calendar page to find more information on our upcoming fundraisers, our Volunteer page to learn about hosting your own fundraiser for Amanda the Panda, or contact us at 515-223-4847.

Planned Gift Giving

We appreciate your faithful support. Current gifts from thousands of friends and families provide the daily assistance we need to be able to support hurting children and families. Amanda the Panda has valuable information that will help you 1) make a more tax-wise current gift and 2) make a future gift that can benefit you as much as it does Amanda the Panda. Our “Gift Planning Toolbag” has ideas to help you:

  • Save additional taxes on your current giving,
  • Plan a future gift that only happens if your circumstances are right,
  • Make a gift and receive lifetime income in return,
  • Save your heirs (children) significant future income tax.

Download our Gift Planning Toolbag here.

Please consider a gift planning conversation with us; we are always thrilled to meet and thank our dear friends and supporters.  Contact us at 515-223-4847.