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  • New Year Same Grief

    By Teske Vance The holiday season can be a challenging time for families who have experienced the death of a loved one. In last month’s issue, we explored some Helpful Hints for Dealing with Holiday Grief, including the following suggestions: Make a Plan. Decide which traditions will stay, or create new ones. Either way, do […]

  • Broken Arrow T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery loves Amanda the Panda!

    “When our community’s youth are given bereavement support, hope and healing happens,” says Kortni Remer, Broken Arrow’s General Manager. Broken Arrow recently helped sponsor Amanda the Panda’s annual Panda Bar Ride. Check out what else Broken Arrow is saying about Amanda the Panda:

  • Helpful Hints for Holiday Grief

    By Teske Vance The death of a loved one brings about a whole mix of emotions that can be extremely difficult to manage. Grief is a tricky thing. It may encompass any range of emotions, sometimes plaguing the griever with a jumbled mess of feelings, to be left in a haze. It sneaks up on […]

  • Places kids can volunteer in the Des Moines area

    Are you looking for a place to give back with your kids this summer?  Amanda the Panda is on The Des Moines Register’s places kids can volunteer list! Click here to see the story on The Des Moines Register  

  • 2016 Winter Support Group Member, Aaron

    Aaron, adult support group member:                     I learned about Amanda the Panda through my sister as she went through a support group after our dad passed. I was a bit hesitant at first, but after one family night, I saw what Amanda the Panda was about and decided to go. The 8 weeks of support […]

  • Meet Mollie Giller

    Meet Amanda the Panda’s new team director, Mollie Giller Click here to see the story on the Des Moines Register

  • Camp Amanda, though our campers’ eyes

    Austin, child:                     “I always thought nobody cared and I was alone, then that changed.  It taught me a lot of things and how to handle the grief and sadness.” Emma, child:            “More than excellent, the world’s best staff and counselors.” Destinee, child:                 What did you like least about camp? “Sleeping” Middle School Youth:                             “It […]