What Our Clients Say About Us

Throughout the year, we receive so much amazing feedback from our participants. We’d like to share some of the testimonials we have received with you, to give you an idea of the impact that one weekend camp or a session of support groups can make.

I signed up for this camp for my children. They saw the video and wanted to come. I could take it or leave it and my husband did not want to go. Once he found out that spouses slept in separate cabins he wanted to leave. It rained most the weekend so some outdoor activities had to be changed. BUT-I am so glad we came! And my husband is too. There were lots of tears, but lots of laughter too. Hearing other people’s stories made you realize you are normal, and this is hard work to grieve. And there is happiness to be found. The activities at first seemed silly but were healing and provided a nice break to the more serious sessions. The staff provides frequent reports on the kids and you see them walk by with smiles on their faces throughout the camp. The staff genuinely care for you and your children. I wish we could do this once a month.

Author's imageAdult CamperMarch 2017

I did  not want to come to camp. When I got here no one said anything to me. But when we started the group, I can say I have talked to everyone here and I enjoyed my time here. I am happy that I came. I am happy of all the stories I now know and the people I know because of this camp. I am more than happy that I came and the kids will be okay.

Author's imageAdult CamperMarch 2017

I stalled coming to camp thinking this was a childish thing. Then I decided to come because of the youngest. It was the best decision. Although my loss was not due to health or accidents, I was able to relate to the anxiety, fears, and emotions. Listening to the stories, good and bad, joyous and sad, made for a better time. We all have this grief that hovers around us and we don’t know what to do or want to deal with it.  But even just sitting and listening I would feel a reason to share something. I cry every day, but with that something funny or good comes to my mind that gives me a nudge to tell me they are right here next to me. In camp you will meet some cool people and facilitators and hear their stories. I hope you get something from this experience even if it is a little bit. It is a process that we will forever be going through and camp helps you understand that better.

Author's imageAdult CamperMarch 2017

…It was sometimes hard to tell my story in front of strangers but I felt safe.  Amanda the Panda is very awesome for those who have lost loved ones.  It helps us to be ourselves without judgment of who we are and what we’re feeling.  True genuine compassion, love, and kindness.

Author's imageAdult CamperApril 2016

I learned about Amanda the Panda many years ago but never dreamed I would need to attend myself.  After my sister’s sudden passing my mom encouraged me to attend and I am so thankful.

My biggest surprise was how quickly I became comfortable enough to tell my story to total strangers.  My biggest challenge was just accepting that I have this loss that has affected every aspect of my life.  This experience will help me to continue in my grief journey as I have now realized it is not a race.

What would I want others to know about Amanda the Panda?  That no matter where you are in your grief this place provides a comforting place to let it all out.

Author's imageMolly, Adult CamperApril 2016
  • Thanks for all you did, and continue to do, for survivors! The kids had a wonderful experience. In fact, both teachers commented on how glowing and happy the kids were the next day. They haven’t seen them like that before. Parents were pleased as well. They are all looking forward to further adventures with Amanda!

    Author's imagePam, Elementary Dean & CounselorApril 2011
  • I cannot THANK everyone at Amanda The Panda enough for camp. It was an amazing weekend with a lot of personal healing for myself. I would love to keep being involved with this organization in any way that I can. I believe it is a great organization that can do a lot for so many people. Thank you to everyone who helped and to all you guys do for people who are going through grief.

    Author's imageDenise, Young Adult CamperApril 2011

My name is Sammy and my experience at Amanda the Panda was great. At first I was sad and thought it was going to be easy to get through even with how close I was to my grandmother, but it got harder. It was the first time I had seen my dad cry. At that point it was very hard for me because if he cried and my mom cried who could I go to, or talk to comfort me? I also at first didn’t want to talk to my parents because I didn’t want to make them any sadder than they already were. Then my mom said something about Amanda the Panda grief “counseling”. I didn’t want to go at first. I had the attitude why go somewhere on my own time when I could just go at school. Then when I got there I was the first to share my story. It felt better to get everything off of my chest. As of now I am starting to volunteer for Amanda the Panda to give to them what they gave to me.

Author's imageSammyMay 2013

I wanted to thank you for an absolutely amazing weekend at camp. Graham hasn’t stopped talking about how much fun he had and has wanted to wear his shirt every day since (it’s been “lost” for a few days so I could stick it in the wash). It was a wonderful experience for me as well, and I feel so lucky to have been able to spend the weekend with such inspirational and amazing people. Thank you.

Author's imageMauraSpring 2012 support group/Fall 2012 camp participant

I just wanted to take a minute to once again thank you for providing the services you do for all of these children who suffer, sometimes without words or emotions, from the loss of a loved one. What a blessing you are to so many.

Author's imageMichaelOctober 2012

“I came away with feeling less angry and more comforted being among people who were going through the grieving process like me. My experience continues to make me feel blessed for that weekend. Amanda the Panda is a place where it’s okay not to share or to share feelings and experiences. It’s also where you are accepted for who you are and where you are – without fear of being ridiculed or made fun of.”

Author's imageNiterVolunteer